Trekking in the desert

Far away from mass tourism we offer an authentic desert experience. The two- to six-day tours we offer,take us through breathtaking landscapes, along dry valleys and mountain formations, over sand dunes and through the wilderness of the Sahara. We build up our generously cut linen canvas tents, completely isolated in front of a mountain. You will walk with your own camel, that carries water, food and gear.

A tour for outdoor freaks

Our tours are a special audience looking for a special challenge. The treks are up to 150 kilometers long. They place at least moderate demands on the condition of the participants. The temperatures in the desert rise well over 30 degrees in the winter months. Our Animals carry the luggage, but its hard anyway. Thats why we are unfortunately forced to exclude people with cardiovascular and lung diseases from the tour.

Lot to explore

In the course of the trek, a comprehensive program awaits you. If you want, you can greet the sunrise with a yoga exercise. From firing without a lighter to searching for water, we give you useful survival tips. In the evening we sit with the guitar around the campfire, enjoy the typical tea ceremony and admire the stars, which show the desert hikers the right way today as in the past.


You sleep on comfortable king size air mattresses either in pairs or alone in a spacious tent. We provide sleeping bags and, apart from good shoes, everything you need for the desert tour. Food and water are carried and are  available. Sanitary facilities are only available at the beginning and end of the tour in the hotel in Ouled Driss or Zagora. Instead, you get water for washing and a shovel to dig a hole.