Desert Trip for Advanced Persons

6 Days, 5 Nights

Day 1: Arrival

You have to organize your journey individually. You can find out more about this under the menu item How to find us. In the late afternoon or evening you will reach the desert village of Bounou. Depending on group size you will be accommodated in our guesthouse or in the lodging Rose du Sable.

After a welcome tea we will visit the old fortified village of Bounou and enjoy the first sunset in the desert.

For dinner we serve you traditional couscous.

Day 2: Departure to the Sahara

After breakfast, we meet our desert guides and the packed camels at about 9 am.  You may choose a camel to accompany you in the coming days. Of course, it is always possible to drop the camel off in a guided chain.

The first part of the hike takes us through the dunes of Erg Lihoudi. Coming from the north it’s the first bigger dune field without vegetation in the Moroccan desert, so this Erg (i.e. dune field) is also called the gateway to the Sahara by the locals. The dunes here are ten to 15 meters high and offers a perfect photo motive in the beginning of the tour. They give us a first impression of the apparently endless vastness and emptiness of the landscape that we will cross in the coming days.

During noon we will set up a little camp under a large acacia that gives us shade. One of the Berber guides prepares the famous traditional, very sweet tea, which provides the exhausted hiker with fast energy. In addition there is fibre-rich food, fresh dates, nuts and biscuits.

After the small camp is packed again and the camels are loaded, the further route leads us through a rugged scree desert, followed by another dune field. Here we set up our large camp in the evening. While you enjoy the peace and quiet and the sunset, the team of desert and tour guides erects the tents and prepares the dinner, which the group takes together. On this and the following evenings we serve various dishes from the tajine (lemon chicken, lamb, vegetables). In the last evenings we usually serve only vegetarian dishes. However, depending on agreement, there is also the possibility to buy fresh goat meat from a nomadic family at Erg Chegaga.

Day 3: Just walk!

The first rays of sunshine wake us up. After breakfast we will break down our tents. Now the route leads us at the edge of the black desert. The huge, very flat area consists almost exclusively of black stones of volcanic origin.  Every feeling for space and time is blurred in front of this unreal scenery, which seems to hardly change even after hours of hiking. Only a mountain range in the north and a rock formation in the south, which marks the Algerian border, give orientation. Here, at the latest, the hikers have finally left the tourist paths. The caravan takes a break at a well at lunchtime to cool off and replenish the water supply. As on the day before, there is enough time to relax next to a common lunch.

In the afternoon we continue our hike. The black desert is now visibly displaced by small nameless dune fields. As on the day before, we set up our camp here for the night and prepare dinner. In the evening we light a campfire and enjoy the view of the stars, whose glittering light is not disturbed by any light source out here. One of the guides bakes a large, tasty bread in the sand, which is served with food.

Day 4: We reach Erg Chegaga

Again our departure depends on the sun set. We reach the Wadi Draa, whose water masses cut rugged canals into the landscape like a canyon. Before lunch we climb a flat rock plateau in the middle of the desert. At the top, we can already see the high sand dunes of Erg Chegaga, which we reach in the early evening. The dune field is the largest in Morocco, the dunes themselves rise up to 100 meters above the horizon. With our small caravan we look for a quiet, isolated place to pitch our camp. Here you can enjoy the picturesque, almost unreal surroundings.

Day 5: 4×4 ride and recovery

At dawn we climb one of the large dunes to admire the sunrise. On the horizon you can guess our starting point, where we started our 65 kilometre long hike 3 days ago. With a diffuse feeling of exhaustion, inner peace and pride we look forward to the increasingly bright disc.

After breakfast we say goodbye to our caravan and are picked up by off-road vehicles near to the camp.

On the way back via the famous Timbuktu track, there is still a little time for everyone to say goodbye to the vast desert and to review his unforgettable experiences.

In the late morning we reach our guesthouse where you can refresh and recover.

Our guesthouse with common kitchen, lounge, two bathrooms, courtyard and roof terrace is a private room where you can move freely. The kitchen has everything you need to prepare a small snack.

For dinner we will serve you a traditional tajine for the last time.

Of course you can also start your individual return journey today.

Day 6: individual departure

This morning we say goodbye to each other.

On Wednesdays and Fridays it is possible to fly from Zagora to Marrakech. We organize a taxi to the airport for 400 MAD.

Further travel possibilities offer the tourist transport, which we gladly organize for you. The price depends on the size of the group. You can also take the CTM back to Marrakech for 175 MAD.

Run distance: approx. 65 km

Price: 439€ p. P.

For a guided single tour  we calculate a surcharge of 50%

For groups of 5 or more we can offer a discount.

This tour can be extended on the fifth day with a round trip through the Erg Chegaga:

We go into the gorges of the Erg Chegaga and follow the natural formations of the sand that constantly slip away under our feet.  Around us there are dunes up to 100 meters high.  Far and wide there is no shady place. The course of the glistening sun is the only thing that offers us orientation in the fractal landscape.

To survive the midday sun we build a shelter. As far as we can see there are only sandy mountains. There is nothing else.

In the evening we set up our camp at the northeastern edge of the Erg.

Extra charge: 80€ p. P.

Services included in the price:

2 nights in our guesthouse in Bounou, breakfast and dinner included.

3 nights in a mobile camp either with private sleeping tents or shared tent for up to 10 people, kitchen, no sanitary facilities!

Full board during the hike, including water supply

4 days local desert guides

4 days personal cargo camel

5 days English speaking tour guide

Not included in the price:

The costs for the individual journey are not included in the travel price!

Please contact us for booking inquiries by mail!