Desert Trip for Experienced Persons

6 Days, 6 Nights

You arrive at Oulad Driss or Mhmid in the evening, where you will spend the first night in an Auberge.

Day 1

The first stage of the day leads us through the dunes of Erg Lihoudi.

After a lunch break we will walk through the stone desert along Erg Lihoudi.

In the evening we will set up our camp in the dunes.

Day 2

We will wake up by the first ray of sunshine, we will take down our camp and have breakfast.

We will hike westbound through the black desert. In the south we can see the mountains of the Algerian border.

After a lunch break we will refresh at a well and walk the last kilometres of the day.

In the evening we will set up our camp in the dunes again.

Day 3

The daily routine will comply with the path of the sun again.

We will trek through a part of the desert, that reminds of the mars and get closer to the high dunes of Erg Chegaga, that will arise at the horizon during the day.

On our way we will pass the dry valley of the Wadi Draa.

In the evening we will reach Erg Chegaga to set up our camp.

Day 4

We will get up in the dawn and climb a high dune to enjoy the sunrise.

After breakfast we will start our way back.

We will walk towards the north-east to cross the stone desert and to pass an oasis. At a well refresh our water supplies. We will filter our drink water.

After lunch break we will reach the black desert, where we will set up our camp in the evening.

Day 5

The last stage leads us southbound through the black desert.

At the midday we will reach the small dunes, where we can refresh ourselves at a solar well.

After lunch we will take the way to Erg Lihoudi, where we set up our camp in the evening for the last time.

 Day 6

We will take the last 15km of our trekking tour and reach Oulad Driss around noon.

At the base camp we eat lunch and drink our last jointly tea.

Distance to walk: around 140km

Price: 529€ per person

For a guided single tour  we calculate a surcharge of 50%.

Inclusive Services

  • 1x Overnight stay in an Auberge or a Bivouakin Mhmid/Oulad Driss
  • 5x Overnight stay in a mobile camp
  • 5x Breakfast
  • 5x Lunch
  • 5x Dinner
  • 5 Days Berb Desert Guide
  • 5 Days english-speaking Travel Service

Exclusive Services 

  • Transport to and from Oulad Driss or Mhmid
  • It can be done individually by bus touring company (CTM), public or private taxi. We will help you with organizing.

In this tour you can add an extra trek through Erg Chegaga at the 4th day.

We will stride through dunes about 100m of high. For miles around there will be no shadow.

To stand the heat of the noon we will set up a shelter.

In the evening we will set up our camp in the high dunes.

Additional costs: 80€ per person

For booking request please contact us via Mail